Who We Are

GIRIRAJ CIVIL DEVELOPERS LIMITED (GIRIRAJ) is one of the leading qualified contractors in India, directed by a highly qualified, experienced, and technical team. Over a period of time, the company achieved its position in the core of the contracting business in India through highly skilled teams of professionals and workers. In the last few years, the company has advanced rapidly and effectively accomplished numerous projects, proving us reliable contractors in various disciplines of civil construction projects. We are quality and time-conscious contractors and have a proven track record of keeping the time cost factor as our main consideration.

The Company was incorporated as a Private Limited Company under the Indian Companies Act, 1956 pursuant to a Certificate of Incorporation dated October 19, 2005, issued by the Registrar of Companies, Mumbai as “GIRIRAJ CIVIL DEVELOPERS PRIVATE LIMITED” having its registered office in Mumbai. The company has converted from a private limited to a public limited company with effect from the 22nd day of January 2018. Furthermore, the company has been listed on the National Stock Exchange under the SME segment w.e.f. the 2nd day of April 2018.

Area of Activities

The company specializes in Railway civil construction work such as Railway Station Building, Officer Residential Building, Road over Bridge (ROB), Foot Over Bridge (FOB), Car Shed, Railway Yard, laying and fitting of track, Earthworks, and numerous other infrastructure and construction work awarded by local government authorities, such as the construction of roads, expansion of roads, construction of community halls, government schools, development of gardens, and repair and maintenance of such activities.

We have accomplished several turnkey projects in civil construction and provided comprehensive construction services and core solutions to the construction industry. We deliver our services in planning and estimation, design, construction, and maintenance, ensuring to carry out all scopes of work with safe and cost-effective methods to comply with quick, efficient, and quality work.

Our Team

We consider our employees the most valuable assets of the company. Our first priority is to focus on improving the quality of our service while protecting our people’s health and the environment in all circumstances. We emphasize human health, workplace safety, environmental protection, and quality improvement, ensuring compliance with quality and health policies and standards issued by the Central, State, and local authorities.